Frisbees are for the beach, discs are for the course

Fun Fact: The term “frolf” is a what’s known as a “portmanteau” which is when two or more words are blended together in both meaning and spelling. Think brunch, romcom, email, etc.

So I think in our world if any person adamantly refers to it as “disc golf” and the round spinny flying things as “discs” and not “frisbees” then that’s when “frolf” sounds annoying, derogatory, and likely comes from someone who doesn’t take the activity serious or a as real sport. As if “frolf” cheapens it and presents it as more childish. I don’t prefer the term “frolf” but at this point you’re likely taking yourself too seriously if it seriously bothers you.

Ultimate players do it too by being adamant about it being called simply “Ultimate” or more casual as “Ultimate Frisbee” so anyone outside the sport knows WTF you’re referring to.

In conclusion, frisbees are for the beach. Discs are for the course.


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